Special Effects Rentals

Our Special Effects team brings the crowd to awe in this next segment. From Co2 Machines to Confetti, and even artificial snow,  We're sure Sound Level has something in our magic hat to create an all-inspiring event!  Our latest gadgets and gizmos are reliable, safe and amazing to watch.  So take a look below or give us a ring to set up the perfect level for you and your guest: 

  • Fog & Low Lying Fog Machines Rental

  •  Co2 LED Jets / Co2 Guns Rental

  • LED Robots  Rental

  • Confetti Cannon Rental

  • Foam Machine Rental

  • T-Shirt Launchers  Rental

  •  Snow Machines Rental

  •  Haze Machines Rental

  •  PHOENYX Cold Spark Fountain Effect Rental 




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